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Allen's Plumbing Inc. Reviews of St. Petersburg, FL

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"I have never had an issue with Allen's plumbing. They always show during the given appointment timeframe and do quality work. My family and I have been using them for years."

-Jared Wechsler

"Have worked with Allen's plumbing and his crew on multiple projects both personal and through my family's roofing business. Crew members have always been courteous, knowledgeable and on time. In a day and age where it is hard to find a reliable contractor period, I know I don't have to worry about that with my plumbing needs. Highly recommend these guys!

-Stephen James

"I called at 9:30AM and they were at my door by 1:30pm - for non-critical part replacements.
Both Steve and Bill were very professional and took care of the job timely and efficiently.

Good call on my part, sticking with a name I trust."

-Allen C.

"We are writing to highly recommend: Allen's Plumbing, Inc. St Petersburg, FL as a full service utility company! We are a non-profit company housing a mobile home park. It has been Patio Village Inc. pleasure to be able to work with and alongside Allen's Plumbing in a 73 unit mobile home park with the installation of new individual water meters on each lot. Allen's Plumbing was instrumental throughout every phase. They provided accurate estimates, onsite job explanations, and assisted with all permits required by Pinellas Co. to final completion.

Thanks to their dedication to the job, working every day and all day, Allen's Plumbing was able to complete this job in only one weeks' time, where other bids had estimated 2-3 weeks for this large project. Allen's Plumbing completed the water meter installation project on time and on budget. Allen's Plumbing was professional, organized and a pleasure to work with.

Allen's Plumbing was absolutely wonderful to our members answering questions and offering solutions to their plumbing issues. Patio Village Board Members were very pleased with how well Jamin worked with us. I am confident that Allen's Plumbing will continue to be an excellent choice of a plumbing contractor. *****, President Patio Village Park"

-President C.

"They did Quality work and when an issue came up 6 years later with the building permit they solved it. Great People!"

-Burton Joyce

"I used Allen's Plumbing to install plumbing for a water softener and a tankless water heater along with some other items.   They showed up on time, always polite, and the invoice was agreed upon before hand with no added charges or surprises at end of job. I would highly recommend them.  They are honest and reliable.    And...they do great work!"

-Joan S.

"I have used Allen's Plumbing 4 times in the past 10 years, and they are without a doubt awesome at what they do!! I have used them to replace my garbage disposal twice, fix my broken flange for the toilet, and most recently, to replace my water heater. They gave me great service, were on time, and gave me honest pricing, which is rare to find. No flat rate, they only charged me for the time it took to do the work (and parts of course) and they are quick and efficient!! If you ever need plumbing service, I would recommend them for sure!"

-Jeff Wadulack

"Needed 30 gallon water heater maintenance b/c I had it turned off for a few months. Basically,  to turn the right switches on and make sure it'll be in good working condition, and stays that way. 
I know jack about water heater. I was afraid that I might unknowingly do something wrong and end up with a flood in my home.

Total bill was $243.50
$56 - "service call"
$156 - 90 minutes of labor or $104/hr
$31.50 - heating element which I don't know if it needs to be replaced.  It was just replaced.

I don't know if the prices are reasonable or not so I list them hear. Maybe someone can tell me. 

Plumber showed up on time"

-Day W.

"High praise for Allen's Plumbing. The estimator and the installer both did a great job on my new hot water heater. I will definitely call on their services again if needed."


"We had Allen's come out for an 2nd opinion estimate. We were quoted about $2000 for replacing pipes with roots and jetting the entire house by another company.

When Allen's came out, he listened to the issues, checked the drain outside, and looked at the affected sink and shower. He felt that the solutions the prior company suggested were not necessary. He did not try to sell us anything and we were very happy that he felt that our plumbing was not in dire straits. He suggested how to clean the pipes ourselves as general maintenance.

For a company to come out and not try to sell SOMETHING says a lot in this day and age. In the meantime, we will be emailed an estimate for the optional work and more extensive diagnosing, if necessary."

-Alissa M.

"Had a middle of the night emergency and called. They sent a technician who was capable and worked hard and fixed the broken pipe. They came back a day later to fix related problems and did not charge a second call fee. They fixed that quickly and only charged for the short time it took. Fair, talented and available that's as good as I could wish. Would use them again."

-Joan S.

"Great customer service"

-Jason Ortega

"When recommending Allen's Plumbing to a friend, I came across these negative reviews. I can only speak for the the two times I have done business with them. The first time was when I had just bought a townhome which had been vacant for about 6 months. The water had a rotten egg odor and I called Allen's Plumbing, explained the problem and asked them to come replace the hot water heater.

I was told I should drain the hot water heater first to see if that helped. It did help and I appreciated not being taken advantage of because they could have just replaced it and I would not have known the difference. The second time I had them come to my home to unstop a shower drain. They pulled out a hunk of concrete that have been in thee drain since the town home was built six years ago. I'm sure others must have tried before to unstop the drain before we bought the place but Allen's got the job done.

I would highly recommend them and will continue to use them for all my plumbing problems. Hope you do too."

-Carol B Crafts

"Steve came out and installed my water softner in my home. It was not the easiest pvc pipe job like a new home, or else I would have done it myself. This was and older home. Steve came out on time and did an amazing job for my home! I will recommend Allen's Plumbing to future friends and family!"

-Michael Lynch

"I needed a hose replaced on hot water heater....on call person, Jeremy stated would cost about $250-300, after I described problem on phone. Jeremy seemed to know what he was doing...but when finished...presented me a bill for $342.50...I told him that was not the estimate.
I gave him my credit card and only authorized to him both verbally and on the invoice. to just run the card for $300 and to pls have them call me in the AM and possibly bill me for the balance of $42.50. Well long story short...they ran the card for the full amount of $342.50, Incidentally, Jeremy asked for the three digits on the back of the card and I refused to give it to him.

I am happy with the work....and Jeremy was pleasant...but not happy that they disregarded my request to only run for $300.00

I do not feel that was professional....also, he refused to give me any discount for finding on the internet/or for being a senior.

As it was, I was in OVERTIME and paid handsomely for a minor repair...but had no water so I was willing to pay up to $300....I believe the tech should have informed me it could be more, when he arrived and assessed the repair in person.

UPDATE: Allen had the decency to call me today...and offered to cancel the charge and re-run for $300 this month and $42.50 next month...but I told him not to....because my company holds the money out for 10 days. I really appreciated that he said it was a mistake....he went out of his way to review my case and discovered that the hose that had been installed was "not only not up to code", but rather dangerous and that I could have been electrocuted, when the water poured over and I was standing in a puddle....He offered to help me by suggesting a website Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board and recommended I file a complaint against the person who had installed the water heater about 6 mos or so ago.
His advice was expert and I believe worth the extra $42.00 dollars.

So I am changing my rating."

-Camille Brooks

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