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Allen’s Plumbing Inc. repairs and installs all type of water heaters.

We can assist your home or business with:

  • Natural gas tanked water heaters
  • Propane gas tanked water heaters
  • Electric tanked water heaters
  • Solar tanked water heaters
  • On demand electric water heaters (tank-less)
  • On demand natural gas water heaters (tank-less)
  • On demand propane gas water heaters (tank-less)

Every home or business will run into a water heater that simply stops making hot water. In most cases, if it is not leaking it can be repaired.

When your water heater stops producing hot water, contact Allen’s Plumbing Inc. at 727-546-6261 or simply fill out the form on the left side of this page and we can get one of our licensed and uniformed technicians out to your home or business as soon as possible.

To help you understand water heaters a bit more, we have supplied some educational information below.

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. prefers to repair water heaters rather than replace, when possible. We will evaluate your situation and are always happy to present options.

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. installs and works on the following brands of water heaters:

The reason for such a broad product line is that Allen’s Plumbing Inc.
understands there are four different ways to heat your water.


Natural Gas



Another reason Allen’s Plumbing Inc. carries such a broad product line is that a few years ago the federal government demanded that the insulating factor was to be doubled on all tanked type water heaters. What this means is that all the insulation in the tanked style was doubled and changed the dimensions of all the tanked water heaters. Of course, every manufacturer has made a slightly different dimension for their product line.

With most of our water heater business being service and repair, Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is forced to install what will fit in the existing space of your home or business based on Federal Government standards, so having a broad product line allows us to ensure we can repair or replace any water heater for our homeowners and business owners in the Greater St. Petersburg, Florida, and Clearwater, Florida, area.

Our technicians and estimators are commonly asked by a home or business owner:

“If we replace our tanked style water heater with on-demand water heater (tank-less water heater), will it save us money?”

To this, Allen’s Plumbing Inc. will have to answer: “SORT OF.”

We understand that all situations are different, and there are many factors that go into whether an on-demand water heater is a reasonable investment or not. In many instances, it is much more of an investment to upgrade and or change the infrastructure of the home or business that supports the water heating system. Sometimes those changes add up to the point that the initial investment does not make sense over the long term fuel savings.

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. will be happy to discuss with you what you would be up against to make a switch from traditional tank water heaters to on-demand or tank-less water heaters. We can then decide together if it makes sense or not.

Beware of that too good to be true price or the company telling you that you do not need a permit!

A lot of companies and home improvement centers are advertising a rock bottom price to get in front of you. Where they end up increasing their price substantially are the extras that they tell you that you are required to have after you have made a purchase and the installer has shown up to your home or business. Or you are not told about a permit or you are told a permit is not required.

This way they can cut corners. Permits are your friend. They cost money, but they ensure you that you are getting an installation up to code and the manufacturer standards have been met. If the manufacturer standards are not met, you can expect to forfeit your manufacturer warrantee.

Some examples that make sense:

  • A vacation home — an on-demand water heater makes perfect sense because it only runs when something is turned on.
  • A condo with limited storage.
  • Businesses that only require hot water for limited periods of time.

Some requirements and some questions you can ask, as they pertain to different types of water heating installations.

Electric Tanked Water Heater

  1. Required to have a thermal expansion tank or a Pressure Relief Valve such as the one made by Watts called a 530-C in single family dwellings and some commercial applications.
  2. Required to have a pan under them with a drain to the outside of the home inside the inhabited space of the home or business. A water heater in a garage has to have a pan with a drain to a lower level slab. If there is a step down from the occupied portion of the home to where the water heater lives a pan is not required.
  3. Required to have a pan with a drain installed to a lower level slab than the occupied space or to the outside of the home when on a shelf in a garage.
  4. Required to have a relief drain installed to the pan, lower level slab, or outside with an air gap.
  5. Required to have a shut-off valve present on the incoming water supply to the water heater at the water heater.
  6. Permits are required. A homeowner has the option to pull his or her own permit – it does not have to be the contractor that pulls the permit. Commercial properties are not eligible to pull their own permits as a property owner per state ordinance.

Natural Gas and Propane Gas Tanked Water Heaters

  1. Required to not be installed inside the inhabited space.
  2. Required to be supplied with make-up air unless housed in a large enough area such as a garage or out building.
  3. Required to have double wall venting that extends up past the roof with fire stops at the ceiling. See code requirement for height of vent dictated by pitch of roof.
  4. Shares all the same rules as electric tanked water heaters as it pertains to relief valves, pans, pan drains and permits.

Solar Tanked Water Heater

  1. The same rules above that apply to the electric tanked water heater apply to solar tanked water heaters.
  2. The differences in the installations and products are that the solar tanked water heaters are wired differently with different electronic components. They are typically much larger, and there is a pump to circulate water from a panel that is exposed to direct sun light. Typically this panel is Southerly facing and on a roof.
  3. Shares the same requirements as all other water heaters as it pertains to permits.

On Demand Electric Water Heater (Tank-Less)

  1. Required to be installed lower than any hot water fixture in the home.
  2. Required to have the appropriate sized wire. Have to be fed from an appropriate size breaker or series of breakers in the electrical panel.
  3. Shares all the same requirements as all other water heaters as it pertains to permits.

On-Demand Natural Gas and Propane Water Heaters (Tank-Less)

  1. Required to be vented to the exterior of the home.
  2. Required to be supplied with make-up
  3. Required to be installed on a GFI for outdoor installations.
  4. Required to have certain clearances to windows, soffits, doors, gas regulators and air conditioners. All of the manufacturers have different specifications. See product manual provided to the specific product. Local and state codes also dictate requirements.
  5. Shares the same rules as all the other water heaters as it pertains to permits.

Overall, Allen’s Plumbing Inc. has only touched on some of the requirements.

Every installation is a custom job and it can get quite technical.

Not all homes or businesses are capable of supporting every type of water heating system. All of the requirements from the manufacturer’s and the codes are in place to safe guard your investment and family/employees health.

This is why Allen’s Plumbing Inc. offers free estimates and cannot always quote an exact price over the phone sight unseen. Please contact us today by filling out the form on the left side of this page or call us at 727-546-6261 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to earning the honor of repairing or replacing your water heating system.

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