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Water Filtration and Purification in St. Petersburg, FL

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. knows there are a lot of different ways to filter your water with a large array of products to assist you in that goal. Please contact us at
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We have provided some education and background information below that may assist you in understanding what water filtration system is best for you.

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Water Softeners

Water Softeners are great options in Central Florida for water filtration. The reason for this is that our water is piped in from farther north of us in areas rich in lime. Lime is what people commonly refer to hard water deposits. Those spots on your glass door, faucets, and dishes are an accumulation of tiny lime rocks. Water softeners filter out lime deposits giving you what people refer to as soft water.


The benefits to having soft water are numerous and can include:

  • Scrubbing of the interior of the pipes
  • All plumbing fixtures in the home will last longer
  • Spot free plumbing fixtures
  • Clean shower doors
  • Drastic reduction of use of soaps for dish and clothes washing
  • Longer lasting clothes and linens
  • Softer and clearer skin
  • Some people have reported health benefits

Water Softener Sizes

There are different sizes to water softeners. Manufacturers recommend different size units based on a home or businesses demand for volume of water. It is very important to have a water softener sized appropriately or risk having a plumbing system that does not operate as intended. The other risk is that the unit will not produce soft water for as long as desired because the resin will degrade pre maturely.

Grades of Resin

There are also different grades of resin. Resin is the substance inside of the water softener that the hard water filters through to actually make the water soft. The actual salt pellets or crystals you add to the system every 60-90 days are only to backwash and clean the resin. Resin is at the heart of a softeners ability to function.

Qualities of Resin

The highest quality ceramic resin available at this time is C800MP made by Aldex, which is the resin that we installed in the water softener system that Allen’s Plumbing Inc. provides. The higher the quality resin you choose, the longer that the softener will continue to provide you with soft water.

A lower quality resin in a water softener system is typical of what is included in a water softener provided at a home improvement center. These lower resin water softeners do not provide a high quality of soft water for as long of a period of time.

If researching the lower quality resin option, Allen’s Plumbing Inc. suggests that you should look at the Aldex C800LT which is described as a goldish colored translucent bead. The high-quality resin, as mentioned above, would be the Aldex C800MP and is described as a ceramic bead. Some resins that are included in your home improvement center supplied systems do not even compete with Aldex’s lower quality resin and degrade even faster, which is why Aldex is recommended by Allen’s Plumbing Inc. as we believe in quality solutions for your water softener investment.

Canister Type Filters

Canister type filters are a variety of filters with different goals. Some are made specifically to filter out large particles while others are made to filter out chemicals. Allen’s Plumbing Inc. recommends the Nuvo System. The Nuvo Systems are made to filter through a citric charged filter that assists with adding acidity to the water and in theory scrubbing the hard water deposits as they come out of and pass through the system. This type of system is an option to clients who have limited space or location. Their infrastructure would not support other types of filtration systems.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are a fantastic option for in home drinking and cooking water. Reverse osmosis systems have a storage tank and are typically installed under a kitchen sink. The only way to have a higher level of purification is to have water that has been distilled. You will be amazed at how different the taste of water is when you drink water that has not passed through a reverse osmosis system.

Let’s navigate this world of filtration opportunities together, tailoring a water filtration system to your wants and needs.

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