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Allen’s Plumbing Inc. provides a service that we refer to as underground utility repair.

This is a specialty service that we are very proud to offer. We have decades of experience in this type of work, and most plumbers in the greater St. Petersburg, Florida, and Clearwater, Florida, areas do not perform this service.

Underground Utility repair usually involves backhoes, trackhoes, pumps, generators, jack hammers, large specialty saws, trailers and most importantly, fittings and pipe that have very limited availability in Pinellas County other than at Allen’s Plumbing Inc. Please reference our COMMERCIAL GALLERY to see pictures and read about the Pinellas Dump ditch leak that Allen’s Plumbing Inc. was called out to repair because no other plumber in the area could!!

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is the only stocking company of MJ Fittings, Star Grip Flanges, C900 pipe, and ductile iron pipe up to 12. These types of materials and pipes are in the ground for large communities, industrial facilities, other large businesses and shopping centers.

This means that Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is prepared at a moment’s notice to repair a broken main water line in your business or community. Call us now at (727) 546-6261 so we can assess the problem and come up with a plan to solve the issue.

At our shop, we own and maintain several different pieces of digging equipment. You can see some of this equipment on our partners and equipment page.

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. also owns and maintains all of the necessary pumps and other equipment necessary to make a large repair.

More importantly, our crews of certified plumbers are fluent in the use of all of these pieces of equipment because we own them. Most companies rent these pieces of equipment due to their high cost of ownership. We chose to invest in this equipment for our clients and our employee’s safety.

Many of our new clients that we meet have called multiple other plumbing companies desiring to have a repair performed in their community or their place of business only to find that they are very limited in the companies that are experienced and equipped to perform this sort of repair.

Underground Utility repairs are a specialty service that Allen’s Plumbing is proud to offer 24/7/365.

Please call us today at 727-546-6261 or fill out the contact form above and one of our experts will contact you quickly! Thanks once again for the opportunity to service your property!

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