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Typically Allen’s Plumbing Inc. makes a recommendation that a sewer line is in need of repair or replacement based on different factors we run into while on site clearing a sewer stoppage, during a video inspection, and or during a smoke test.

Some of these factors are:

  • Repeated sewer stoppages within 6 months to 1 year
  • Sewer Stoppages right after substantial rainfall
  • Retrieving roots on a cable head
  • Lots of soil in the sewer line which is indicated by retrieving polished looking cable heads
  • Sink hole or holes
  • Foul odors

There are many different options that Allen’s Plumbing Inc. has to offer its clients to locate and resolve broken sewer lines.  Please feel free to contact us right now at 727-546-6261.

Typically we will make a recommendation to a client to video inspect to see what is going on with their line.  During the video inspection, one of our certified plumbers will identify an issue and give a recommendation for one or more of the following services depending on the nature of the issue/issues that are found;

  • Smoke test
  • Conventional sewer repair/replacement
  • Jet washing

Sewer Repairs

Conventional sewer repairs/replacements are where we dig up the pipe and cut out a section and/or all of the pipe and fittings and replace it with a new pipe and fittings.


Jet Washing

Jet washing is where we go in and use specialized equipment to clean the interior of the pipe typically breaking up grease and or rusty build up that is clogging the line and or snagging waste and clogging the line.  It is noteworthy that when you have grease or roots it is unlikely that the issue will stay resolved for a long period of time after having a sewer line serviced with a cable.  With grease, the cable usually goes through the grease much like a fork passing through jelly, and after being removed, it folds back over the pathway the cable created. 

The rust simply gets re-distributed within the system mounding up and causing more sewer stoppages.  Roots that are removed are basically getting pruned back and will continue to grow back because of the water and nutrients that the plant has found.  Jet washing, when done correctly, removes the grease and or rust resolving the issue. Roots have to be located and a sewer repair or replacement made ASAP.

Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is a great option for the home or business that is eligible for its application.  Pipe lining is where we insert a liner inside the pipe while the pipe is in place.  The beauty of this type of repair is that there is minimal and possibly no damage done to the home in this repair process.  Not all damaged drain lines are eligible for this type of repair as it does have some limitations.

Smoke Test

A smoke test is a great option to the home that is experiencing foul sewer odor.  This process typically takes 2 certified plumbers to perform as one plumber is going to run the smoke machine outside of the structure inserting smoke into the sanitary sewer drain, while the other plumber looks for a source of smoke inside the structure.  The good news is if bad odors can get out of the pipe and you can smell it then smoke will get out and our plumber can see it to be able to get to the source of the problem and make a repair. This process assists us greatly in narrowing down an area to look for a repair and eliminates a lot of damage to the structure. We always have a member of our office staff call the local fire department to let them know the address, time and date that the smoke test will be going on so that they do not respond to a call from a concerned citizen because of the smoke that will billow up out of the plumbing vents on the roof.


Sewer repair, sewer service, and sewer replacement has a variety of options, so please contact Allen’s Plumbing Inc. today so we can diagnose your problem and offer you solutions!

Call us at 727-546-6261, or please fill out the contact form on the left side of the page and we will get back with you as quickly as we can. Thanks for the opportunity to service your property!

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