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Effects of a Drain Cleaner

Both of these images are of a drain line that was replaced on the interior of a home by the technicians at Allen’s Plumbing Inc. The previous owners of the property had used drain cleaners (such as Drano and Liquid Plumber) for many years prior to selling the property. 

This pipe traveled through the interior of the structure and we had to use 80lb jackhammers to break through the slab to replace the pipe. These pictures are of some of the cast iron pipe that we set in the yard for the insurance adjuster to look at. The pipes were flipped over for the pictures. The part of the pipe you see would have been the bottom of the pipe when it was in service.

For more information on the Drain Cleaning Services performed by Allen’s Plumbing Inc., please click here or contact us for an appointment at 727-546-6261.

Keeping Our Work Areas CLEAN!

These are a few examples of the care we take in not destroying a work area needlessly. We are laying down plastic to place excavated soil down, and we strive to leave your property looking good once the project is completed. This is part of the Allen’s Plumbing Difference!


The most polite image in the history of stoppages – cleared up by Allen’s Plumbing Inc.

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