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Pipe lining is a great solution to many people for a sanitary sewer repair!

Pipe lining is a service that allows us to go in and line a pipe in place with minimal, and in many cases, no damage to the area. Allen’s Plumbing Inc. has had the pleasure of performing this service in many homes and businesses in the Pinellas County and greater Tampa Bay, Florida, area, where it was a viable option or cost effective.

There are some challenges that are involved in pipe lining, and can include:

  • We have to be able to access the line
  • We have to be able to clean the line to a point that it is smooth inside
  • There are only so many turns in the line that can be navigated around
  • We have to be able to have appropriate access to the lines to be able to re instate any branch lines
  • Not every home or business is eligible for pipe lining so let our experts assist you in making a decision of what is the best remedy for your home or business

We use a material made by a company called Permaliner which is located in Clearwater, Florida. Permaliner provides of 50-year manufacturer warrantee.

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