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Allen’s Plumbing Inc. provides a service called leak detection. People become aware that they possibly have a leak by one of the following ways:

  1. Water on the floor or a musty smell in the home.
  2. Buckling hardwood floors.
  3. The water bill arrives and it has increased in cost for what seems to be no apparent reason.
  4. The water department notifies you that your consumption has gone up substantially and you need to contact a plumber.

Should you see these signs or notice the water bill increase, or get a notification, please contact us immediately at 727-546-6261, or please fill out the contact form on the left side of this page. Feel free to take some pictures and upload those in the form for our review.

The majority of the time the repairs that we are required to perform is minor, but taking action swiftly is critical to ensuring the repairs and the potential for other water related damages are minor. Swift action though is not a guarantee by any means. Of course, we do run into circumstances that require leak detection.

Leak Detection

Leak detection is where we use a specialized listening device to pin point where there is a leak from a plumbing system. Upon locating the leak, Allen’s Plumbing Inc. will have to get to the leaking pipe to make a repair.


There are options for repairing a leaking system and this is a replacement. We call this a re-pipe. Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is of the opinion that the re-piping of a home is the best solution to a leaking pipe under a slab. Sometimes the damage caused to the home, depending on the offending pipes location, is more costly than if we are to simply replace all the pipes.

Yard Leaks

We also find in many leak detection calls that the incoming water service pipe is leaking in the yard. Allen’s Plumbing Inc. will always check for this when going on one of these calls as it is a common occurrence. We are always amazed how leaks can go on in a yard and there will not be any wet spot what so ever. This is due to how sandy our soil is. This is just a part of the Allen’s Plumbing Difference!

The water department has a policy that if you can prove via a licensed plumbing companies invoice that the water that was lost did not go into the sanitary sewer system, and thus did not have to be treated as waste water that they will credit your water bill in the excessive overage of your bill for the sanitary cleanup of the water that your home consumed. In some instances the amount of water consumed can amount into hundreds of dollars, and in a few instances, thousands of dollars.

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is making leaks disappear in the greater St. Petersburg, Florida, Clearwater, Florida, and surrounding areas! We would be honored to have the opportunity to fix yours!

Everyone’s situation is unique and we are happy to provide solutions to your problem. We provide you free estimates and will give you multiple options to resolve your leak.

Please call us today to evaluate your leak at 727-546-6261, or please fill out the contact form on the left side of this page.

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