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Estimates Over the Phone

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. will happily provide an estimate for some services over the phone, especially if it is something like a toilet or garbage disposal supply and install. Please take advantage of our contact form on the left side of this page, fill out the information, and feel free to upload some images of your problem. Those pictures could allow us to provide you a better estimate or diagnosis before ever coming out to your property.

For other services, Allen’s Plumbing Inc. offers a free estimate Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, between the hours of 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. We then will email or mail you a written estimate on our company letterhead.

Estimates are ‘Estimates’

Please understand, not all services can be estimated precisely. Many of the services that we perform are diagnostic in manner. In these instances, Allen’s Plumbing Inc. will still provide you with an estimate for known portions of the project, outlining an abstract scope of work with associated charges based on an allotment of time at a disclosed labor rate, allotted materials and allotted equipment charges.

Estimates Through Email

In some instances, we are able to work with a client via email or from our contact form, with pictures provided by the prospective client, to get a cost of a repair and avoid someone having to meet us on-site. It can take a few emails or other communications back and forth.

Typically, we need pictures with many angles and measurements, which usually end up leading to more questions. We want to be as accurate with the diagnosis and estimate as possible for the benefit of all parties. Unfortunately, this does not work in every instance, but it is an option that Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is proud to offer to our residential and commercial clients in the greater St. Petersburg, Florida, Clearwater, Florida, and surrounding areas.

At Allen’s Plumbing Inc., we understand how difficult it can be to have an issue in your home or business.

It helps to have someone come in and discuss your issue without the pressure of having to pay for that consultation. Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is the company you can count on.

Please call us today at 727-546-6261 or fill out our contact form. Allen’s Plumbing Inc. greatly respects and appreciates the opportunity to earn your business.

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