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Customer Supplied Plumbing Fixtures and Parts

Many people see the enticing low prices of big box stores and the internet. There is no doubt that there are some real bargains out there, but the vast majority of the time there is a good reason that something is cheaper. The big-box stores go to manufacturers and purposely have them replace components and hardware with parts made of plastic and low-grade metals when the original design for the contractors was to be all brass or other higher quality components. Esthetically, the product looks the same, but inside, it is the lowest quality available with a name brand on a fancy box. This is how they are so competitive. The issues we have seen people have with the internet purchased products have been varied, but a big one has been customer service. We have had people that have waited weeks without a facility in their home while they are working out returning a product that is defective or arrived damaged.

Of course we can get defective products that we install. But when Allen’s Plumbing Inc. supplies and installs a fixture or part and it is defective, we install a new one and we work out its return with no additional cost to you. That is not your fight and not your additional cost when we supply and install everything. It is our belief that quality products and service save you money in the long run.  Experience the Allen’s Plumbing Difference. But, we also believe that you have the right to make that decision for yourself.

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is happy to install customer supplied fixtures and or parts. Unfortunately, we cannot warrantee any customer supplied fixtures and or parts, but we do guarantee our work!

Preferred Vendors of Allen’s Plumbing Inc.

Products offered and installed by Allen’s Plumbing Inc.

Faucets for Bathrooms

Faucets for Kitchens

Water Heaters

Toilets / Water Closets / Urinals

Pipe Lining / Point Repairs / Trenchless Technology

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. has its own retail plumbing fixture and supplies shop on site
at 4219 54th Ave. N., St. Petersburg FL, 33714.

We also have a large warehouse where we keep plenty of supplies, parts, and fixtures in stock, to help you SAVE MONEY by cutting out the middle man.

Visit us today, or feel free to call us at 727-546-6261.

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