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Allen’s Plumbing Inc. provides a comprehensive approach to drain cleaning.

We accomplish this is by maintaining three different sanitary cleaning machines with different size cables and a wide array of heads that achieve many different functions from cutting, scouring, to grabbing in a variety of sizes.

Companies providing an (any stoppage for X price) “it sounds too good to be true price” should be avoided.  There are some different things we see done in these instances.

  • Some companies use a small straight head cable and it only resolves the issue for a short period of time, or they are quick to let you know of the larger repair that you are in need of.  If this happens ask them how they came to their conclusion and ask them to show you and explain why you need to do what ever they are saying? There are many instances where there are legitimate issues that need to be addressed.   Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is always ready to provide a second opinion.

 There is also the practice of giving a too good to be true price with a pre-disposed knowledge that they will diagnose a costly repair.

 Jet Washing

Allen's Plumbing Inc. provides a service called Jet Washing.  Jet Washing is a process by which a specialized Diesel or Gasoline engine is used to pressurize water and then pressure washes a pipe from the inside of the pipe via a high-pressure hose with a large variety of specialized heads.

We have two different pieces of equipment that we use to Jet Wash:

Harbon Jet Machine

The Harbon Jet Machine is a diesel powered jet machine with a large storage tank incorporated into its construction. The diesel engine supplies the pressure and the large storage tank provides the volume of water to break up and in some cases cut out stoppages. This piece of equipment is very aggressive and is used to clean rust out of scaled up pipes, remove grease out of large sanitary lines, remove tree roots, and move large amounts of soil. It is most at home in commercial settings. It does though have some residential applications.

Small Trailored Jet Machine

Our Small Trailored Jet Machine is a gasoline powered jet machine with a variety of heads that is tailored to use in residential and some commercial settings cleaning grease out of lines. It is a more economical solution where it can be used.

Video Inspection

Video Inspection is predominantly performed when a technician has identified that there is a potential for an issue that needs to be identified so the client can have the option of identifying what is going on in their system and we can prescribe a remedy.  In some cases, Allen’s Plumbing Inc. uses the video inspection in conjunction with other services to ensure that we have supplied the client with an appropriate servicing of the line such as when we are jetting rust or grease out of a line.  We want to make sure that we provide a complete service.

With an array of camera equipment for different applications, you can rest assured that we can locate your issue.

Upon prior request, we can provide a thumb drive of your video inspection and or we can provide a link to YouTube for you to view your line.  This can be very helpful to property managers needing to show owners what is going on or for insurance adjusters to be able to view what exactly is going on.  Allen’s Plumbing Inc. likes the YouTube option best because you never have to worry about losing a thumb drive or it getting damaged.  

When it comes to drain cleaning and video inspection, the professionals at Allen’s Plumbing Inc. are here to diagnose your issue properly. 

Please contact us TODAY at 727-546-6261 or please fill out the short contact form on the left side of the page to set up an appointment.  Experience the Allen’s Plumbing Difference!

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