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Above Ground Water Meters

This client contacted Allen’s Plumbing Inc. because the above ground water meter was diagnosed as being old and inaccurate.  Upon our inspection, we found that the meter was not supported. These above ground water meters are solid brass and very heavy and should have support.  The shut off valve was also inaccessible, as the handle was partially buried in the soil.

We then began the excavation process for the replacement above ground water meter. Please take careful notice of the care Allen’s Plumbing Inc. takes on the property by laying down plastic to protect the property and assist in our exceptional clean-up efforts upon completion of the project.  We take extra care in preserving the work area and restoring it to the best possible shape that we can.  That is one part of the Allen’s Plumbing Difference.

As the project progressed, you can see that the above ground water meter is now supported with stands and a concrete pad, and once we completed the project, we restored the property to look like it did when we started the project. Allen’s Plumbing Inc. is here to assist you with your above ground water meter issues or diagnostic, so please call us at 727-546-6261.

Fire Hydrant Replacement

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. replaces and repairs fire hydrants for any large property such as HOAs, your local city, property managers, apartment complexes, shopping centers, trailer parks, and camp grounds. It is critical to ensure these are working properly in case of an emergency and repaired/replaced immediately if problems arise. The professionals at Allen’s Plumbing Inc. can help!

Leak in a Ditch – Industrial Work

Allen’s Plumbing Inc. was contacted by the Pinellas County Dump to repair a leak. These are a series of pictures of that job we completed for the Pinellas County Dump.  The leak was on the main feed line of water which feeds all of the equipment that operates the system for the entire dump. They had reached out to multiple plumbing companies and were told by these other companies that they would be unable to make a repair due to the location of the leak in a ditch full of water and the size of the piping. This is where Allen’s Plumbing Inc. truly shows off its expertise.

The area is dominated by cattails and other aquatic plant life. We had already begun the de-watering process when began taking the pictures.

The 1st image shows the beginning part of the excavation after the water had been diverted and well points were operational. This is followed by our track hoe digging.

In the 3rd image, this shows the top of the pipe at a turn was encapsulated in concrete to help it hold together. You will then see on the next image that the track hoe does the heavy work, but right around the pipe has to be done by hand to ensure we do not break anything.

In the 5th image, the leak is now completely exposed and the repair is ready to start. You will then see in the following image that the repair is underway. We are using threaded rod to hold everything together instead of the giant mound of concrete used many years ago during original construction.

In the 7th image, please take note that all of the equipment seen in this picture is owned by us. It stands ready to go out to an emergency day or night. This is a good view of the job site.

The final image shows the 10’’ water feed to the dump is repaired and the water is back on. All systems were back on line and operational at the time of this picture being taken. Another satisfied client thanks to Allen’s Plumbing Inc.

Sink Hole near a Sanitary Manhole

The 1st image is of the area where not only was the ground experiencing a sinkhole, but the physical concrete manhole was sinking into the ground due to broken pipes leading up to the manhole and the water and dirt flowing into the pipes over time. Allen’s Plumbing Inc. had to raise the floor of this manhole 2-1/2 feet and extend the walls to the proper height to match the ground for when soil was brought back in.

The next image is of that same area during excavation followed by the pipes after they were repaired going into the manhole.

Another quality job completed by Allen’s Plumbing Inc., and another satisfied client!

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